Portable oxygen for active people

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  • No more tanks
  • No waiting for deliveries
  • From 2.6 pounds

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    many ways to charge your concentrator


    All of our oxygen concentrators can be plugged in at home while in use. Your batteries will charge while you’re using the concentrator too. If you need to move around the house, just unplug and the concentrator will switch to battery power.

    iN THE CAR (OR rv)

    Your concentrator comes with a car adapter that will power it while you’re driving. This means you can use your concentrator during your trip without relying on battery power.

    Traveling by plane

    Portable oxygen concentrators will function on airplanes. Most portable oxygen systems have been approved by the FAA for use on commercial aircraft. Follow the link below for more information.

    Traveling with o2

    Let's find the best portable oxygen system for you!

    Oxygen equipment

    Oxygen equipment isn’t created equal. What may work great for your neighbor could be a bad choice for you. The way these devices provide oxygen varies by manufacturer and model.  There are lots of things to know before you buy one.

    Why we’re different

    With over 22 years of experience providing oxygen equipment, we know how to select the right device based on your medical condition. We also know that your condition may change. That’s why we give you 30-days to change your mind and five years to trade-up should your prescription change.

    • 30-days money back
    • Five-year trade-up (incase your Rx changes)
    • 3 Year warranty
    • Free Shipping
    • Price match guarantee
    • We’ll match you to the right device


    Inogen G4

    2.8 lbs.
    Up to 5 hours per charge
    1-3 lpm*
    Pulse-mode only 


    Activox by ResMed

    5.6 lbs.
    Up to 5 hours per charge
    1-5 lpm*
    Pulse-mode only 


    Zen-O by GCE

    9 lbs
    Up to 5 hours per charge
    1-5 lpm
    Continuous to 2 lpm
    Pulse-mode 1-5 lpm

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