Our Mission

To help people with respiratory problems lead a more active and independent by using the latest technologies coupled with world class support. 

Our Values

Our values reflect who we are and what our company stands for.

Customer Commitment

Our customers have a condition that can impair their daily life. We strive to bring them the best possible respiratory equipment and to support them with exceptional service. 


We provide outstanding products from the worlds best respiratory equipment manufacturers. We support the products we sell with exceptional service, 24 hours a day.


Our team upholds the highest standards of integrity in all that we do.


We work together to meet our customers needs and solve their problems. 

Respect for People

We value our team members. We encourage their development and reward their achievements. 

Good Citizenship

We are good to our community, and all that we have the opportunity to interact with.

A Will to Win

We believe that we deliver a superior product and back it up with the best support in the business. Thus, we exhibit a strong will to earn the right to serve our customers.

Personal Accountability

We are accountable to ourselves, our customers, our company, and our community. 

Our History



Our company began in Riverside, California in the summer of 1995. Our first office was a 900 square foot industrial space on the edge of a railroad track. We sometimes had to ask callers to ‘hang on a sec’ while a train was blowing its horn.


We quickly learned that people needing oxygen therapy wanted the best equipment available. We grew fast (really fast). It wasn’t long before we needed a larger office and more staff.

In 1996 we moved to a new, with over five thousand square feet (and three restrooms). We continued to find the best equipment available and made it available to our patients.


In 1997 we were settled into our new facility and had ample room to grow (or so we thought). The doctors, nurses, and hospitals that regularly referred patients us needed a reliable company to provide other equipment for their patients. 

We added a full range of medical equipment (called DME in nurse-speak). Our company grew both in the scope of patients we were treating and in the geographic area that we serviced. It was time to move again…

2005 – Today

In 2005 we moved into our current building of over 15,000 square feet (It’s like a small Costco). Our state-of-the-art facility is where your products are tested, packed, and shipped. It’s also home to our award-winning customer service team and our 24-hour clinical support. 

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